professionalism and reliability since 1840

Agency services

  • Port services organization for any kind of cargo and prompt communication to clients
  • Care of traders and necessities of the goods; liaison with local authorities and stevedores
  • Detailed documentation (proforma and final D/A, ship and cargo documents, etc.)
  • Efficient customs clearance services
  • Handling of heavy lift cargoes

Husbandry Services

- Crew formalities, transit visa, crew welfare, medical services, hotel bookings, airtickets, etc.
- Bunker supply, lubricants and fresh water; withdrawal of sludge and bilge water
- Spare parts clearances and delivery
- Cash to master


Owners’ Protecting Services

- Full supervisory to protect the owner’s interests
- Check of charterers’ agency costs
- Check of port services and costs
- P&I Club Correspondents


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